Boatworks Towns
Dufferin St
Starting From $579,990
Limited Bounus Incentives
Charles Street
Staring From $586,990
Right To Lease During Occupancy
Free Assignment
Four Sixteen Condos
Dundas St E
Starting From $430,000
5% Down Per Year
Free Assignment
Free Parking and Locker
Right to Lease During Occupancy
Rossmont Green
Rossland Road East
Starting From $499,900
Capped Development Charges
Free Locker
Ivy Ridge
Durham Regional Road 26
Starting From $869,900
Brooklin Corners Phase 2 Townhomes
Winchester Rd E
Starting From 599,900
Now Condos
Thickson Road and Carnwith Drive
Coming Soon
Trafalgar Green Homes
Dundas Street East
Starting From $979,900+
Brock Street North
Starting From $649,900
Dundas St E
Starting From $333,900
Buy with 15% Down Over a Year
Dundas Street West
Starting From $629,990
Fresh Urban Towns
Garden Street
Starting From $594,990
5 Appliance Package
Extended Deposit Structure
Dundas St W & McQuay Blvd
Starting From $529,990+
Dundas St E
Starting From $669,990
Buy With 5% Down
Carnwith Dr E
Coming Soon
Chelsea Hill
Chelsea Hill Homes
Rossland Rd W & Coronation Rd
Starting From $879,990
Brooklin Heights
Baldwin St N
Sold Out
Station No. 3
Colborne Street East
Coming Soon