Central District Towns
Kingston Road
Starting From $689,900
Extended Deposit Structure
Lease During Occupancy
Free Parking
Universal City East
Bayly Street
Starting from $773,900
Discount off Purchase Price
Lease During Occupancy
Capped Development Charges
Extended Deposit Structure
Bayly Street & Liverpool Road
starting From $589,900
2540 Brock Rd
Starting From $724,990
Over $30,000 in incentives
Only 4 Units Left
Maxx Urban Towns
William Jackson Dr & Earl Grey Ave
Starting From $439,900
$2,500 Assignment 
Taunton Rd
Starting From $519,990 
SAVE UP TO $40,000 
Whites Road North
Forest District
Altona Rd
Coming Soon
Liverpool Road
Starting From $985,990
1 Townhome Remaining
Brock Road
Starting From $989,990
San Francisco 3
Bayly Street, Pickering
Starting From $1,525,900
Liverpool Rd/Bayly St
Only 5% Down
Forestview Towns
Altona Rd & Pine Grove Ave
Starting From $729,900
Over $50,000 in upgraded finishes
Liverpool Rd
Coming Soon
Pickering Pkwy
Coming Soon
New Seaton
Brock Road & Taunton Road
Coming Soon

Universal City Condos

Durham Regional Road
Extended Deposit Structure
Starting From $324,900
Galleria in the City Condos
Valley Farm Rd
Coming Soon
Park District Towns
Dersan Street & Brock Road
Starting From the $600,000's
Coming Soon
Liverpool Rd/Bayly St
Universal City 3 Condos - sold
Universal City 3 Condos
Sandy Beach Rd & Durham Regional Rd 22
Starting From $664,900
VIP Incentives
Pickering Parkway & Brock Road
Coming Soon
VuPoint Condos
Liverpool Rd
Coming Soon